Looking to have a party, reunion, or just an excuse for a get-together!

By January 20, 2012No Comments

Whether its a corporate theme, or a private party Antix can offer you flexibility.  We have a marvellous private venue, ATTIX, on the first floor catering for up to 100 guests and fully self contained with its own private dance floor, quality bar and seating areas – great if you want exclusivity.

If you want a small area reserved in our main venue then Antix on the ground floor is the place to choose with great bar facilities a large dance area and a live DJ from 10pm.  Drinks deals in Antix all through till Mid night and some through till 6am.

In both venues buffet meals are available and on the weekend we open till 6am!

So, If you are booking a party make sure you check us out.

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