Testimonials…’s not what we say!

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You kindly arranged the evening for us at Attix last Thursday. 

Can I just say what an enjoyable evening we had. The food was excellent, the room and ambience were great and the staff were pleasant and helpful.

 Very many thanks.

Best Regards,

Tim Garlick


Everyone said how great the food was, served quickly, hot and very very nice.

Venue was good and the drinks were reasonably price.

A lot of people left as soon as the public came in but most stay so i don’t think that was a problem.

 All in all, an excellent evening.

 Thank you very much



Our Christmas meal was very nice food and atmosphere; I think you can tell that by this was the second year running that we decided to come to your place. And after the meal we didn’t move on, so that tells you how much everyone enjoyed it.

The service before while arranging the evening and on the evening its self ran very well.

I will be honest before I been to Antics a few times only for drinks, and it was my daughter who suggested it for food as well and what a treat. So thank you very much.



Thank you for your e-mail.

 The Christmas party was a complete success, it was exactly what we were looking for. the venue  was ideal and fit our needs exactly and you were exceptionally accommodating.

 A brilliant night was had by everyone and it is all thanks to you.

 Kind regards.

Leo Hodgson (LLM Hons) A.Inst.L.Ex



Feedback following the Christmas party was extremely positive.  The food was excellent and the DJ was brilliant, everyone had a great time and your staff were very accommodating.  Most people agreed it was one of the best Christmas parties in several years.

Many thanks for hosting us. Kind regards,   Sarah

Our Xmas party was excellent, everyone had a great time, the food was lovely and although we were dubious about going for a buffet we got some very positive feedback. Location is great and your staff were very good, nothing was too much for them and they were very helpful especially the young foreign lady on the bar and the guy that was working behind the bar til late, they were excellent.

thank you so much I am sorry we have not had a chance to feedback already it feels like my feet haven’t touched the floor since, we had a great time though thank you.

Kind regards

Becky Channing-Brown


We had a great time, the crew were very happy and every single individual have said what a great evening and how wonderful the food was.

Thank you for being so accommodating and allowing me to change the numbers so often

Hope you are well


Thanks for the email.  The team we had posted with you had a fabulous time as did the participants of the overall rally.  The room is generally the right size for what we need and the bar staff were lovely.  It did seem that not everyone had passed through Attix, we had, I think, approx 150 people attend.  We again raised money for Charity, not as much as the summer by any means but £3k is quite a good turn out for a Christmas rally.

I am handing my hat in now to a new team who will be doing the summer rally again (this is the bigger event with about 1200 people) so if you are happy to assist again then please email…  FYI I believe it’ll fall on the first Thursday in July. They are new so it will be entirely their call which pubs they use going forward however if they know you are interested then who knows….. J

Thank you for being a wonderful host.