‘The best venue for a late night party, nice music and quality drinks. Highly recommended.’
– Via Google, March 2019

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Antix has been in the centre of Bristol’s late night entertainment scene for almost 15 years. Known as one of the best latest venues in town with closing times well into the early hours….6am Friday and Saturday nights!
Its a family run business and has a great following of regular customers as well as new visitors to our city.
Antix boasts a top selection of local DJ’s concentrating on chart sounds, house, dance, RnB, and reggaeton.  You can drink and dance the night away in a clean and safe environment with top tunes and great drinks deals all through the night.
We like a smart casual dress code on the weekend, although we have never been accused of being pretentious – we like our customers to be relaxed and comfortable – no joggers or caps/hats though, thanks.
We have built a strong reputation for early cocktails with our 3/4/2 offer till 1am, and also one of the top “after party” venues for those wanting to join us a little later! For our regulars, its a great drink, dance, and party night out and we hope you all enjoy the Antix experience.
Entry is FREE 7 days per week. Friday and Saturday have a door charge from 1am onwards but before that, it’s FREE too.  Doors open at 10pm (8pm on Fridays and Saturdays).
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‘Good drinks quality, nice atmosphere and good service.’
– Via Google, April 2017


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Sun – Wed: 10pm-4am
Thur: 10pm–5am
Fri & Sat: 8pm-6am



44A Park Street